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Friday, October 12, 2007

Lastikman Pin up Contest @ 5th Annual Manila Comics Creation Seminar

Calling all pinoy graphic artists and inkers, here's a very good deal for you:

Glass House Graphics, Studio Sakka and ABS CBN presents...

Lastikman Pin up Contest

1. Draw a Pin up artwork of Lastikman, for reference visit

2. It can be colored, penciled or painted

3. Any drawing style are allowed.

4. Lastikman designs can be depicted from the comics, movie, tv series or your own design.

5. Send your entries via email at
and with these contact information

name of the artist: contact number : email address: website : location :

Bring a 11x17 or 11x 18 size colored printed version of your artwork mounted on a black sided illustration board On October 27, 2007 at the 5th Annual Manila Comics Creation Seminar in Megatrade Hall Conference Center, Function Room B, 5th Level Bldg B, SM Megamall.

Include a label size 2 X 5.5" , printed in a white paper and paste it below your artwork and should contain the following:

Pin up Title:
Name of the artist :

Email address :


for example:

Lastikman vs. Taong Bayawak
by: Victor Cerbo Jr.
email :
website :

Prizes :
1st place : Premium items from ABS CBN and Lastikman TV series and more
2nd Place : TBA
3rd Place : TBA

for more info about the contest and the 5th Annual Manila Comics Creation Seminar
log on to

(contest participants should be a registered comic seminar attendee/student, for more info about the comics seminar tickets, visit our website for the info)

for inquiries email -

[via Azrael]

Lastikman Collectible Toys

The Lastikman Toy Launch is tomorrow na po mga ka-Lastik. It will be held at Toy Kingdom, SM Southmall(click here for more details) and will be showcasing lots of Lastikman-related collectible toys.
Here are some samples of items which you can start purchasing tomorrow:

(click to enlarge)

And here is the official list of Lastikman Merchandise that will be available tomorrow:

Credits to Azrael and Pinoy Toy Kolektors for the info.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Lastikman Episode 12

Snippets of Lastikman(Episode 12)
Worried for his son, Caloy gets the number of Sandy from Chikoy. Caloy calls up Sandy, but the young girl tells him that he did not see Miguel that day. Unknown to Sandy, her father is listening through the other phone line. After the call, Jared confronts his daughter and scolds her for befriending the poor kids at the village. Jared tells Sandy that she's grounded. Cynthia arrives and tells Jared that she will be the one to talk to their daughter. Sandy then begins to cry after being threatened by her father.

Miguel is left in the cage with one man guarding him. But after a while, the man is called by his girlfriend. The man leaves and tells Miguel to stay put. However, Miguel takes advantage of the opportunity. He extends his finger to get the keys on a table and he opens the lock of the cage. He manages to escape, but outside, Estong catches him and instantly returns him inside the cage.

Miguel begs for his freedom, but Estong demands that the kid show his powers. Miguel says that he does not know what Estong is talking about. Pissed at the kid, Estong hooks an electric wire on the cage to prevent the kid from escaping. Meanwhile, Caloy goes through the whole baranggay to look for Miguel. He goes to Ninoy's store to get some water, and there Ninoy tells Caloy his suspicion of Estong abducting Miguel for the man really has a personal grudge against his son. (read full text)

Uploaded by Edwin Tapas

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Lastikmania @ Trinoma Mall Coverage

Last weekend was a red-letter day for all Lastikman fanatics as ABS-CBN held a Mall Show at the Trinoma Mall. The two-day weekend show(Sat-Sun) which was dubbed "Lastikmania", showcased the casts and stars of the show, an exhibit of a life-size statues of the show's characters, plus games and activities too for the whole family. Also, some classic Mars Ravelo memorabilia were exhibited on the show as well(such as the antique typewriter he used to work on his comics).

Luckily, Azrael was present during the big event and was able to get some photos of the said Mall Show. Here they are:

For tons of photos and event information, please visit Azrael's coverage entry.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Lastikman Theme Songs Stream/Download

Due to insistent public demand, here are two of the official theme songs for the Lastikman series, ready for the taking. The first one is by Martin Nievera entitled "Maging Anupaman Para Sa'yo"(watch a video performance here) which you can listen on the spot via audio stream(see below) while the second one is Parokya ni Edgar's "Walang Susuko"(played during opening/closing credits - view lyrics here) is available for download(check below).

Martin Nievera - Maging Anupaman Para Sa'yo

Parokya ni Edgar - Walang Susuko
(download here)

Lastikman Toy Launch this Oct 13

What's a good TV FantaSerye show without a merchandising gimmick? Well we don't know, but it's clearly not Lastikman because they'll be launching their new line of swags for everybody. Yes, that's right Lastikmaniacs, and it's gonna be really soon.

On Lastikman's official website, you might notice that under their Merchandise section they are selling Lastikman related items from novelties to toys. But apparently, no details on how to order those items are disclosed as of yet. So i'm thinking this might be the timely answer to that.

The Toy Launch event is coming this Oct 13 at Toy Kingdom, SM Southmall. So be sure to catch it and don't forget to bring the whole family 'coz not only they'll be unveiling the toys, there's also gonna be a party and a whole lot of fun-filled activities for everybody during the launching.

Credits to Azrael for this incredible info.

P.S.: I am currently looking for contributors/volunteers on this blog. Email me if you're interested.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Lastikman Character of the Day: Amon Labao

Amon Labao
Gloria Romero

She is one of the most respected beings not only in her planet Igbao, but also in the Harraio galaxy. She is regarded as a wise and diplomatic leader. In generations of Harraian leaders, Amon Labao's term is the only one that stabilized the whole Harraio galaxy.

Source: www.Lastikman.TV

Free Lastikman Goodies

Lastikman.TV, the official website of the Lastikman series has some nice goodies found on their site such as desktop wallpapers, e-cards, coloring pages(for kids I suppose), and mobile goodies are available too which you can download through your cellphone, i.e. Lastikman wallpapers(not sure on ringtones, though).

So what are you waiting for? Check out Lastikman's official site now!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Lastikman Theme Song by Parokya ni Edgar

Aside from Martin Nievera's love theme song, Parokya ni Edgar is also commissioned to perform the official theme song to Mars Ravelo's Lastikman series entitled "Walang Susuko" which you can hear during the opening and closing credits. As some might recall, some years ago PnE also wrote/perform the theme song to an old ABS-CBN horror series called "Oka Tokat!". Anyway, here's the lyrics to the Lastikman theme song "Walang Susuko":

Handang dumaan sa butas ng karayom
Lahat ay gagawin maligtas lamang tayo
Mga pagsubok ay kanyang handang labanan
Sa ngalan ng mga kailangan nyang tulungan.

Walang susuko, Walang tatalo
Sa taglay nyang lakas
Likas sa kanyang puso
Walang atrasan mga kalaban
Walang kalaban-laban sa kapangyarihan

Lastikman Character of the Day: Irroian

Tonton Guttierez

Irroian is a scientist on the Harraian galaxy assigned on the field of human study, particularly on human behaviour. There he meet one of their test subject named Ruth and instantly fell in love with her. Ruth became pregnant with a son named Eskappar. Fearing for both Ruth and Eskappar's life, Irroian tried to hide the secret to the Harraians but one night it was unfortunately discovered by Paaram. Ruth and Irroian got separated after Agaddon forced her to escape and leaving Eskappar on the planet. He took care of their son and tried his best to cover his true identity to protect his son. But when his the Harraians found out Eskappar's true bloodline, Irroian risk his own life to save his son.

Lastikman Pilot Episode Review

Lastikman Screen capsI was about to do a review for the pilot episode of Lastikman this morning, but then the spirit of Alingasaw(spoilers!) got the better of me. Good thing though, some dude named Azrael beat me into doing it and wrote a review/summary for both Zaido and Lastikman. Since this site is strictly dedicated to Lastikman, I we'll just leave the Zaido feature to the other sites and focus on the latter.

Anyway, this is what Azrael wrote:
Then a battle with the was great !!! the SFX is great ! there are some glitches on it.
but its okay! then after the battle, we saw Lastikman defeated and thrown out to sea.

And then they showed its origin . Wow! What a great storytelling! thats the style Im waiting for.
The planet were Lastikman was born showed. Its a rough CGI, it was like an old PC game, but some chloro cloth effect did a great job on some scenes. It was like an empire in space.

I really like the idea that the aliens kidnapped a human female and they want it to do experiment and study on her, but a brave scientist took a chance to hide her and will help her go back to Earth, but they ended in a romance and fell inlove. But the alien blood is more different.
after 3 sleeps or 10 days on Earth time. Ruth (the human female) was pregnant to the alien scientist, and she can't believe how fast it was to have a child with the alien.

Read full text...

Monday, September 24, 2007

Lastikman Pilot Episode Capsule Feature

For those of you who missed the pilot episode last night, heto po ang opening part ng episode. The video started with a footage of Leyte's Pintados Festival and Toni Gonzaga played news reporter assigned to cover the event. Then suddenly, tragedy strikes...

The video is 6 minutes long, not long enough for the whole pilot episode. Anyone got a much longer video?? Share nyo naman.

Credits to Edwin Tapas for uploading the video.

Lastikman Character of the Day: Agaddon

(Ian Veneracion)

Also a Harraian scientist, Agaddon hopes for greatness someday, something he is sure that he can't achieve on his planet(Igbao). He loves the earthling Ruth(Dawn Zulueta) secretly and was envious of his best friend Irroian(Tonton Gutierrez). When Irroian suddenly feared for Eskappar's life, he volunteers to take his friend's wife and child to Earth. Agaddon believes that this move will give him a chance to conquer Ruth's heart as well as make his ambition of ruling a planet come true.

As we've learned from the pilot episode, Agaddon is among the wisest scientist on planet Igbao on the Harraio galaxy and one of Irroian's closest friend whom the latter confides his secret about Ruth. Agaddon is kind, smart and caring yet ambitious in a way. After hell broke loose and their secret revealed, Agaddon helped Ruth escape from the clutches of Harraio, back to Earth while leaving her son Eskappar on the planet. Agaddon will resurface later on as one of Lastikman's main villains.

Profile Source: Lastikman Official Site

Lastikman All-Star Cast

All-star cast of Lastikman as featured in this trailer. The video also highlights commentaries and behind-the-scene information from the makers and casts of the show. Check it out!

Lastikman CG Trailer

This is one of oldest trailers which ABS-CBN made for Lastikman. It features a Computer Graphics(CG) animation of Miguel(Vhong Navarro) transforming into Lastikman-mode. Short but sweet, worth checking.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Lastikman Villains...

According to a post on Journal Online [full link here] , the main villains in the Lastikman Series are each based on the seven deadly sins, and here they are:

Vhong has many enemies in the show, representing the various deadly sins: John Estrada as Jared Evilone (evil one, representing anger), Cherie Gil as Ice Queen (pride), Jomari Yllana as Blob (gluttony), Sunshine Cruz as Mothra (for lust), James Blanco as Alingasaw (greed) and Saicy Aguila as Byutiki (envy.)

Hmmm....this sounds very confusing since I thought the main villain is Elemental Man(as shown on "the making" last Saturday) and Ai-Ai de las Alas will play the role of Beautiki. Well, let's just see how this goes on the show..

Anyway, excited na ba kayo sa pilot episode ngayong gabi??

More Lastikman Write-ups...

Here are more write-ups related to the Lastikman series. Since it is impossible to copy and paste them one by one on this site, i'll just feature blurbs/excerpts of the article.

ABS-CBN's "Lastikman" and GMA-7's "Zaido" premiere at different timeslots
Magpa-pilot tonight, September 24, sa Telebabad block ang bagong fantaserye ng GMA-7 na Zaido: Pulis Pangkalawakan starring Dennis Trillo, Marky Cielo, and Aljur Abrenica. Magpa-pilot din tonight sa Primetime Bida block ng ABS-CBN ang bago nitong telefantasya na Lastikman ni Vhong Navarro. But do not expect an outright collision between the two new soaps dahil hindi sila magkatapat ng oras. [ full article ]

Sunshine Happy To Act Again
Actress Sunshine Cruz-Montano is back in the limelight after a conspicuous absence from show business. She’s cast in “Lastikman,” an ABS-CBN fantasy TV series “Lastikman,” which tells a story of a half-human, half- alien being with powers of elongation and elasticity who fights crime. [full article]

Labanan pala ng mga bukol sa darating na Lunes sa TV, ha! Sabay kasing magsisimula ang Zaido: Pulis Pangkalawakan ng GMA 7 at Lastikman ng Channel 2. ‘Yun nga lang, three bukols versus one bukol lang ang babalandra sa primetime shows, huh! [full article]

VHONG Navarro feels ner-vous as his "Lastikman" is about to be shown on Monday after "Kokey." "I know ABS-CBN has such high expectations and I don’t want to let them down," he says. "‘Lastikman’ is the biggest project assigned to me, bigger than the movies I did like ‘Mr. Suave’ or ‘Agent X44.’ They spent so much on the costumes and special effects to make sure it will please all kinds of viewers. [full article]

The ultimate Lastikman
What Deo Endrinal’s business unit scrimped on Kokey’s promo must have been splurged on Mars Ravelo’s Lastikman as it had a designer-style media launch at Teatrino. He revealed, “It’s ABS-CBN’s most expensive fantasy series to date!” The fourth long-form outing of Mars’ funny, flexible and form-fitting superhero, Vhong Navarro is the fourth Lastikman after the Von Serna, Vic Sotto and Mark Bautista.[full article]

Lastikman Stretches To The Small Screen
After numerous appearances in several comic books and a couple of movie adaptation, Lastikman now takes on yet another groundbreaking adventure. From his creation by Mars Ravelo almost 40 years ago, Lastikman has become a well-loved superhero among many Filipinos. [ full article ]

Jason Gainza: A super dad starring in 'Lastikman'
Former Pinoy Big Brother housemate Jason Gainza is happy to be aregular castmember of "Lastikman", ABS-CBN's latest fantasy TV series adapted from the classic komiks novel by Mars Ravelo.
[ full article ]

Paborito rin ba ng ABS-CBN si Vhong Navarro? Aba, hindi raw kasi nawawalan ng project ang alagang ito ni Chito Roño.

Hindi ako sure kung paborito siya ng Dos, pero sa Lastikman, tinambakan talaga siya ng mga malalaking artistang kasama, ha! [ full article ]

Lastikman Theme Song

This is the official theme song for the Lastikman series which is performed/sang by the concert king Mr. Martin Nievera on ASAP yesterday.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Lastikman's Costume is Modeled on Bedsheet

Costume, kinopya sa bedsheet by Nel Alejandrino(Journal Online)
According to Roberta, the late Mars Ravelo’s daughter, her father ‘created’ Lastikman in 1964. Did you know kung paano na-conceptualize ni Mang Mars ang famous costume ni Lastikman?

Ayon kay Roberta, habang binubuo ng ama ang tungkol sa kuwento, napatingin ito sa bedsheet sa kuwarto.

Kung ano ang design ng costume ni Lastikman, siya mismong design ng bedsheet,” susog niya.

Roberta naman was the title of Mang Mar’s other komiks creation which Sampaguita Pictures, owned by the Vera Perezes, filmed in the ’50s at pinangunahan ng noo’y popular star na si Tessie Agana.

At that time, it’s said that Sampaguita Pictures had to start from scratch. Nasunog kasi ang istudyo nila, eh.

Read Full Text...

Ai-Ai De Las Alas as Beautiki

Ai-Ai delas Alas: "I'm staying with ABS-CBN."(


Isa raw sa unang projects na gagawin ni Ai-Ai sa ABS-CBN ay ang role na Beautiki para sa bagong fantaserye na Lastikman starring Vhong Navarro.

"Tapos ‘yung ibang soap," dagdag niya. "Confidential na ‘yung iba, e. Tatapusin ko muna ‘yung Lastikman bago ‘yung ibang show. Magsisimula ako ng taping sa August 30. Tao na nagiging butiki ang role ko sa Lastikman."

Ready ba siya sa costume na susuutin niya as Beautiki?

"Hindi naman masyado siguro akong mahihirapan sa costume ko rito. Basta sabi ko lang, gusto ko makakaihi ako. Kasi dati sa sa Super Inggo, hindi ako makaihi, e."

Bukod sa Lastikman, mapapanood na rin two Sundays of the month si Ai-Ai sa Sunday musical variety show ng ABS-CBN na ASAP '07.


Read Full Text on PEP...

Vhong Navarro on Lastikman

Vhong Navarro on being Lastikman:
It’s a dream come true for Navarro to don a Lastikman outfit that made him reminisce the good old days of his childhood. “Matagal ko nang nababasa at nakikita sa komiks at sa sine si Lastikman kaya I am flattered na ibinigay sa akin ng ABS-CBN ang role,” said Vhong in the presscon of the television soap opera Wednesday night at the Teatrino in Greenhills.

Vhong said he is confident that he has given justice to the character. His only worry, he admitted, though, is the temperament of the audience when his fantaserye debuts on September 24.

“Pabagu-bago kasi ang timpla ng audience. Hindi mo alam kung ano ang gusto nila,”
he said. “Pero hindi ako magpapahuli. I will always give the televiewers they want.”

Yes, he informed, Hollywood comic Jim Carrey is still his idol. “Hindi nga ba na ang tawag sa akin ay Jim Currey as in chicken curry? Idol na idol ko siya talaga.”

He added that he wanted to develop his own distinct style as a funnyman without copying anyone. “Kasi, maganda nap o ‘yong original ka although nakakaimpluwensiya sa akin ang mga ibang actors, both local and foreign.”

Read Full Text...

ABS-CBN's Hottest Young Stars Team Up in Lastikman!

The Hottest Young Stars Team Up in Lastikman!(ABS-CBN.COM)

LastikmanAnother exciting fantaserye is about to make its way to your TV screens on September 24, from your Kapamilya, ABS-CBN! Vhong Navarro stars as the elastic Lastikman, and along with him is a stellar cast composed of the hottest stars of today: Iya Villania, Roxanne Guinoo, Jake Cuenca, Danilo Barrios, Empress Schuck, Enchong Dee and Archie Alemanya!

The half-human, half- alien Eskappar/Miguel gets thrown to earth as a last resort for salvation. Along the way, he encounters several people who will enrich his adventures here on earth, and mold him into the Lastikman we will all grow to love.

Iya Villania plays Miguel's love interest, Yellena. Unfortunately for our hero, the snooty Yellena doesn't like his human alter-ego, and pines for another instead. Also, onscreen and offscreen Lastikmansweethearts Roxanne Guinoo and Jake Cuenca will play as Sandy and Ken. Sandy is Miguel's best friend, who's secretly in love with him, while Ken is Miguel's rival for the heart of Yellena.

Empress Schuck plays Madonna, who's into punk, and is paired up with Enchong Dee, who plays Raffy. Miguel's geeky neighbor. Also, Vhong Navarro's real-life best friend Archie Alemanya plays Miguel's best friend, Chikoy. Unaware of Miguel's powers, the spunky Chikoy always gets his best friend into trouble.

Read Full Text on

Abante Tonite's Writeup on Lastikman

Joe Barrameda's Abante Tonite on Lastikman:


Kumpara sa Zaido presscon ay hindi gaanong masigla ang preskon ng Lastikman sa Teatrino, Promenade, Greenhills, San Juan.

Powerhouse cast ang fantaserye na ilang beses nang nagawa although bago sa telebisyon. Natutuwa kami at kay Vhong Navarro naibigay ang lead role na bagay na bagay sa kanya.

Nakatataba ng puso ang mga magagandang sinabi ng mga sumusuporta kay Vhong sa fantaserye, lalo na kay Cherie Gil na bago raw siya tumanggap ng isang project ay sinisiguro niya na ang susuportahan niya ay isang magaling at respetadong artista.

Ganun din ang mga sinabi ni Dawn Zulueta. Dahil kongresista na ang asawa ni Dawn ay may panahon na siyang mamalagi sa Manila at may panahon siyang magbalik-artista.

Kasali rin sa Lastikman sina Zsa Zsa Padilla, Miss Gloria Romero (na napakaganda pa rin) at Sunshine Cruz-Montano (na napapanatili ang seksing katawan).

Magandang banggaan ang mangyayari sa Lunes sa pagitan ng Zaido: Pulis Pangkalawakan at Lastikman.

Mapantayan kaya ni Vhong ang bukol nina Aljur Abrenica, Dennis Trillo at Marky Cielo?

Inaasahan namin sa preskon ng Lastikman na lalabas si Vhong na naka-Lastikman costume pero hindi ito nangyari.

Dawn Zulueta's Son Idolizes Vhong's Lastikman


Actress Dawn Zulueta proudly announced at the presscon of ABS-CBN’s TV fantasy series “Lastikman” that her two-year old son, Jacobo Lagdameo, has a new idol in Vhong Navarro’s newest superhuman role as Lastikman.

“I can proudly say that my son, even if he can’t fully comprehend yet the meaning of all these, is very excited to watch ‘Lastikman’ and has found a new hero in him. His attention is riveted to the TV every time the ‘Lastikman’ teaser is flashed onscreen regularly. I would just smile whenever he points to Vhong's Lastikman character, as though saying ‘he’s my idol,’ ‘I wanna be like him when I grow up,’” Zulueta told

Read Full Text on

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Vhong Navarro as Lastikman/Miguel

Vhong Navarro born as Ferdinand Hipolito Navarro on January 4, 1977 is a Filipino actor, singer, host, and recently the main star of the recent ABS-CBN TV Series entitled Lastikman.

Vhong started out as part of the dance group Streetboys, and was later discovered by director Chito S. Roño who up to now continues to manage him.

Among the products he endorsed are Sprite (Obey your thirst Series -- "Sprite 101: How to add a little spice to your life" and "Sprite 101: Paano pumili ng wasto"), Pop-Cola (Sigaw ng uhaw Series -- "Pasingit, singit..." and "Ang tindi ng sikat ng araw..."), Jag Thug & Jag Jeans and Blu Tab.

Vhong Navarro is no stranger to action-hero roles. His supposed launching movie was Gagamboy (2004) where he starred as Junie / Gagamboy, is a Regal/MAQ entry in Metro Manila Film Festival in December 2003. But Star Cinema Production Inc. pulled a fast one and cast him in the lead role of Mr. Suave (2003) which was scheduled in November of 2003. The issue created a feud between the two production companies.

He is the self-proclaimed 'Jim Carrey of the Philippines' amidst strong protest.

Navarro appeared in the August 17, 2007 press conference of the television series "Lastikman". Besides Lastikman, Vhong will star in a forthcoming movie with a "superhero", Makisig Morales (who was star of Super Inggo). Meanwhile, Vhong wants DNA test for his alleged daughter, 12 years old, and older than Ferdinand Vhong.

Lastikman's Popular Villains

Here's an old article I dig up on ABS-CBN's website regarding Lastikman and the article talks about Lastikman's most popular villains. Read on...


Viva Films’ “Captain Barbel”, the top grosser in last year’s Metro Manila Film Festival, featured the most number of special effects done organically (shot first and then later enhanced in the laboratory).

This year, Viva Films’ entry, Lastikman, will go down in movie history as the action-romance-fantasy film with the most number of 3D computer graphic effects, calculated to thrill not only the kids but also the kid at heart.

Mark Bautista gets a shot at stardom reprising the role of a stretching superman first played years ago by the late Von Serna and recently by Vic Sotto . It’s directed by Mac Alejandro who megged “Captain Barbell”.

Besides the eye propping special effects, Lastikman features perhaps two of the country’s most glamorous stars in the roles of villains, John Estrada and Cherie Gil, along with Danilo Barrios.

Direk Mac describes John’s character, Taong-aso as “very comfortable with his life as villain”, which can’t be said about Danilo, playing the son of the taong-aso, who hates being a villain but cannot do anything about it.

“The taong-aso (John) kills people, mostly women and children, and brings them home to Danilo”, said Direk Mac. “John is perfect for the role. It’s different John Estrada movie goers will see in this movie”

Cherie plays Lastika, initially more powerful that Lastikman who got his powers from the same tree which granted Lastika her own powers.

“The fight scenes between Lastikman and Lastika are something else”, said Direk Mac. “Very exciting because they are both powerful. I won’t tell you who wins in the end”

Lastikman LastikaIt’s Direk Mac’s first time to direct Mark Bautista whom he finds “naïve and endearing, lovable like a typical probinsyano. He’s just right for the role of the boy who turns into Lastikman when the need arises. I did a workshop with Mark before the shooting and he’s good.”

Playing Mark’s love interest is Sarah Geronimo whom Direk Mac first directed in Captain Barbel where Sarah played Bong’s little sister.

“Sarah has improved a lot this past year” said Direk Mac. “Dapat lang naman because she had all of one year as a crash course in life;”

Asked how different Lastikman is from Captain Barbel, Direk Mac added, “Very different. Lastikman is very young and very hip, with all our young characters”.

Source: ABS-CBN Entertainment

Lastikman Trailer

This is the official trailer for the Lastikman series on ABS-CBN which will start this September 24, 2007. Lastikman, a half-human, half-alien superhero, traces his roots to the planet Harraio. Shunned due to his inter-planetary blood, Eskappar (Vhong Navarro), eventually gets thrown to Earth, as his mother thinks that this is the only way to save him. A kind human adopts him, and names him Miguel. As he grows up, he discovers his extraordinary powers, such as the ability to stretch, and the ability to mold himself into any other object. And this is where his adventure begins. The series stars Vhong Navarro as Miguel/Lastikman, Iya Villania as Miguel's love interest and an all-star cast ensemble of ABS-CBN talents.


Lastikman History

Early Years

In the 1965 comic "Lastik Man Vol. 1", Lastik Man was an alien from another planet who somehow got trapped on earth. Lastikman then decided to fight crime in the Philippines, mainly Manila.

Later Years

In the 2003 Movie version, Young Hilario is near a rubber tree when a meteor strikes it, and somehow gains powers of elasticity. His grandfather inspires him to use his new found powers to do good deeds, and thus honour the memories of his dead parents. Hilario grows up to become a Professor in physics, and also the superhero Lastikman.

In the 2004 movie version, (2004 movie version) Young Adrian - a lanky teen-ager whose father became a drunkard after the death of his mother - was mauled to death by illegal loggers whom he prevented from cutting the trees in the forest. He was left lifeless under a rubber tree, which revived him and gave him special power.

In the 2004 comic by Mango Comics, Lastikman crashed on Earth and lost all of his memory. He then decided to fight crime and later in the comic book he found out that he was a lesser experiment of an alien species called Lastomorphs, humanoids with the powers of elasticity.

Source: Wikipedia