Friday, September 21, 2007

Dawn Zulueta's Son Idolizes Vhong's Lastikman


Actress Dawn Zulueta proudly announced at the presscon of ABS-CBN’s TV fantasy series “Lastikman” that her two-year old son, Jacobo Lagdameo, has a new idol in Vhong Navarro’s newest superhuman role as Lastikman.

“I can proudly say that my son, even if he can’t fully comprehend yet the meaning of all these, is very excited to watch ‘Lastikman’ and has found a new hero in him. His attention is riveted to the TV every time the ‘Lastikman’ teaser is flashed onscreen regularly. I would just smile whenever he points to Vhong's Lastikman character, as though saying ‘he’s my idol,’ ‘I wanna be like him when I grow up,’” Zulueta told

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