Monday, September 24, 2007

Lastikman Character of the Day: Agaddon

(Ian Veneracion)

Also a Harraian scientist, Agaddon hopes for greatness someday, something he is sure that he can't achieve on his planet(Igbao). He loves the earthling Ruth(Dawn Zulueta) secretly and was envious of his best friend Irroian(Tonton Gutierrez). When Irroian suddenly feared for Eskappar's life, he volunteers to take his friend's wife and child to Earth. Agaddon believes that this move will give him a chance to conquer Ruth's heart as well as make his ambition of ruling a planet come true.

As we've learned from the pilot episode, Agaddon is among the wisest scientist on planet Igbao on the Harraio galaxy and one of Irroian's closest friend whom the latter confides his secret about Ruth. Agaddon is kind, smart and caring yet ambitious in a way. After hell broke loose and their secret revealed, Agaddon helped Ruth escape from the clutches of Harraio, back to Earth while leaving her son Eskappar on the planet. Agaddon will resurface later on as one of Lastikman's main villains.

Profile Source: Lastikman Official Site