Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Lastikman Character of the Day: Irroian

Tonton Guttierez

Irroian is a scientist on the Harraian galaxy assigned on the field of human study, particularly on human behaviour. There he meet one of their test subject named Ruth and instantly fell in love with her. Ruth became pregnant with a son named Eskappar. Fearing for both Ruth and Eskappar's life, Irroian tried to hide the secret to the Harraians but one night it was unfortunately discovered by Paaram. Ruth and Irroian got separated after Agaddon forced her to escape and leaving Eskappar on the planet. He took care of their son and tried his best to cover his true identity to protect his son. But when his the Harraians found out Eskappar's true bloodline, Irroian risk his own life to save his son.