Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Lastikman Pilot Episode Review

Lastikman Screen capsI was about to do a review for the pilot episode of Lastikman this morning, but then the spirit of Alingasaw(spoilers!) got the better of me. Good thing though, some dude named Azrael beat me into doing it and wrote a review/summary for both Zaido and Lastikman. Since this site is strictly dedicated to Lastikman, I we'll just leave the Zaido feature to the other sites and focus on the latter.

Anyway, this is what Azrael wrote:
Then a battle with the monster..it was great !!! the SFX is great ! there are some glitches on it.
but its okay! then after the battle, we saw Lastikman defeated and thrown out to sea.

And then they showed its origin . Wow! What a great storytelling! thats the style Im waiting for.
The planet were Lastikman was born showed. Its a rough CGI, it was like an old PC game, but some chloro cloth effect did a great job on some scenes. It was like an empire in space.

I really like the idea that the aliens kidnapped a human female and they want it to do experiment and study on her, but a brave scientist took a chance to hide her and will help her go back to Earth, but they ended in a romance and fell inlove. But the alien blood is more different.
after 3 sleeps or 10 days on Earth time. Ruth (the human female) was pregnant to the alien scientist, and she can't believe how fast it was to have a child with the alien.

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