Sunday, September 30, 2007

Lastikman Toy Launch this Oct 13

What's a good TV FantaSerye show without a merchandising gimmick? Well we don't know, but it's clearly not Lastikman because they'll be launching their new line of swags for everybody. Yes, that's right Lastikmaniacs, and it's gonna be really soon.

On Lastikman's official website, you might notice that under their Merchandise section they are selling Lastikman related items from novelties to toys. But apparently, no details on how to order those items are disclosed as of yet. So i'm thinking this might be the timely answer to that.

The Toy Launch event is coming this Oct 13 at Toy Kingdom, SM Southmall. So be sure to catch it and don't forget to bring the whole family 'coz not only they'll be unveiling the toys, there's also gonna be a party and a whole lot of fun-filled activities for everybody during the launching.

Credits to Azrael for this incredible info.

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