Thursday, September 20, 2007

Lastikman Trailer

This is the official trailer for the Lastikman series on ABS-CBN which will start this September 24, 2007. Lastikman, a half-human, half-alien superhero, traces his roots to the planet Harraio. Shunned due to his inter-planetary blood, Eskappar (Vhong Navarro), eventually gets thrown to Earth, as his mother thinks that this is the only way to save him. A kind human adopts him, and names him Miguel. As he grows up, he discovers his extraordinary powers, such as the ability to stretch, and the ability to mold himself into any other object. And this is where his adventure begins. The series stars Vhong Navarro as Miguel/Lastikman, Iya Villania as Miguel's love interest and an all-star cast ensemble of ABS-CBN talents.