Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Lastikman Episode 12

Snippets of Lastikman(Episode 12)
Worried for his son, Caloy gets the number of Sandy from Chikoy. Caloy calls up Sandy, but the young girl tells him that he did not see Miguel that day. Unknown to Sandy, her father is listening through the other phone line. After the call, Jared confronts his daughter and scolds her for befriending the poor kids at the village. Jared tells Sandy that she's grounded. Cynthia arrives and tells Jared that she will be the one to talk to their daughter. Sandy then begins to cry after being threatened by her father.

Miguel is left in the cage with one man guarding him. But after a while, the man is called by his girlfriend. The man leaves and tells Miguel to stay put. However, Miguel takes advantage of the opportunity. He extends his finger to get the keys on a table and he opens the lock of the cage. He manages to escape, but outside, Estong catches him and instantly returns him inside the cage.

Miguel begs for his freedom, but Estong demands that the kid show his powers. Miguel says that he does not know what Estong is talking about. Pissed at the kid, Estong hooks an electric wire on the cage to prevent the kid from escaping. Meanwhile, Caloy goes through the whole baranggay to look for Miguel. He goes to Ninoy's store to get some water, and there Ninoy tells Caloy his suspicion of Estong abducting Miguel for the man really has a personal grudge against his son. (read full text)

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